Roundtable members have been active in matters of education in West Virginia, including higher education restructuring issues several years ago, as well as secondary education matters. Recently, our member forums have included presentations on the status of secondary ed efforts to improve math, reading, and science performance and participation by W.Va. in the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Process) study of several states’ performance (presentation by NAEP member Lloyd Jackson); and a presentation on internal administration of secondary education by then Superintendent Steven Paine. We also plan on assisting in the implantation of improvements resulting from the 2011 “audit” of secondary education in West Virginia.

The First Thousand Days

The West Virginia Roundtable supports the efforts of The Early Childhood Advisory Council of West Virginia and their campaign The First Thousand Days. Click here to read more.

Education Efficiency Audit and Responses

The West Virginia Department of Education's 2012 Education Efficiency Audit is now available for review on their website. Click here to view links to the audit and responses.