West Virginia technology leaders share optimism for 2021

Jan 11, 2021

From developments in the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center and upstart small businesses to advancements in remote working and federal recruitment, West Virginia technology leaders are optimistic about the sector’s chances in 2021.

Outside COVID-19, one of the biggest developments of 2020 that’s set to impact the state this year is the installation of the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center in Grant and Tucker counties.

When completed, the facility will be used as a testing site for Hyperloop technology, and many tech leaders, including TechConnect Executive Director Anne Barth, think that the site will have a large impact on the state economically.

“It’s a tremendous development in my opinion, and a great morale boost on top of some other good tech news that we’ve seen in the last year in West Virginia,” Barth said. “I’m really excited to see what it all means and how it’s going to look for West Virginia.”

Barth’s sentiment on the Hyperloop is shared by Jim Estep, president and CEO of the High Technology Foundation in Fairmont.

“I believe that having the Hyperloop certification facility here in West Virginia creates an important opportunity to attract not only federal operations — for example the U.S. Department of Transportation — but also a number of companies that would be supporting the certification program,” Estep said.

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