Privacy Policy

The West Virginia Roundtable (WVRT) respects the privacy of those persons visiting our Website. All information transferred, exchanged and collected at this site will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be sold, loaned, reused, rented or otherwise disclosed in any way. Any and all information disclosed to the West Virginia Roundtable will be held in the closest confidence and will not be used in ways to which our web site users have consented.

Privacy of WVRT email lists

The WVRT maintains its email lists to keep its membership and interested parties informed about key issues and important news. Our mailing/emailing lists are comprised of Roundtable members, or individuals who have requested to be added to our lists. We do not sell, rent trade, lease or loan the information on our mailing lists. Contact information for WVRT members is only made available to the Roundtable membership and staff, not the general public.

Resale or disclosure of information to third parties

The West Virginia Roundtable will not sell, rent trade, lease of loan any personal information gathered at our web site, including email lists and membership contact information, unless individual permission is granted or we are required by law to disclose specific information.

Browser information collected on this Website

The West Virginia Roundtable analyzes Website logs for the purpose of constant improvement. Our Website logs do not personally identify users of our site, and we do not make any attempts to identify individuals that browse this interactive Website.

Internet security

Security on the World Wide Web is not perfect, and we are under no obligation to disguise or encrypt information received as a result of your visit to our Website. Links to other Websites from our Website are offered as a benefit to our members and a convenience to users who may find he links beneficial, useful and interesting. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other Websites or their use of information obtained as a result of access to those Web sites via links on our Website.

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